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Landon Gracia

Landon Gracia


Spirit Inside
I can tell of love and loss, and tragedies I've overcome
I can tell you how I gave all my love to someone who was deserving of none
I can tell you how I have touched the abyss, and how it had touched me
I can tell you how the world looks from a mountain top or a shell I robbed from the sea
I can tell how I wish not to have love, see the world, or think of what's meant to be
I can say this proudly and knowledgeably although, maybe you cannot see?
I am unwavering in my stance, because I know love and the world yearns to be
A part of the spirit I have grown inside of me

Siren’s Sonnet
You sung songs with your heart, as if your eyes and beauty could not lure me in
In short time we were lovers in love as never before
You saturate my heart and are unlike all the tales
I write songs and poems for you, drunk in love’s ale
I vowed I would never leave your side
Yet you say for us to be I must venture past the tide
In orange light goodbyes you held me tight and long, for our love unbeknown to me was nevermore
Then with a teary smile you wave bye at the shore
Where you knew sharp rocks were in wait for me
Now strained upon a plank, floating in endless sea
With a long dehydrated death on the horizon
All I feel is lovelorn for you siren

Two of my favorite poems from my book